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At The Law Office of Christi A. Misocky, P.C., you will find a team of dedicated legal professionals focused on resolving your legal problems and helping you meet your goals. I am Charlotte estate planning lawyer Christi A. Misocky, and I am proud of my firm’s commitment to providing the level of client service and legal representation that has quickly earned recognition among satisfied clients and colleagues throughout the Carolinas.

My team focuses on resolving tough issues in the areas of family law, real estate, and estate planning in North Carolina and South Carolina. Contact a Greensboro family law attorney online or call 704-256-9231 to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation.

Dedicated Legal Help With Family Law, Real Estate and Estate Planning Matters

My professional staff is committed to helping people resolve their most personal legal problems, including those concerning:

Adoption: I can help get the adoption process started in any type of North Carolina adoption or South Carolina adoption case. I can also provide skilled assistance with the termination of parental rights to help ensure a smooth adoption process.

Divorce: I can handle both contested and uncontested divorce cases, and help you and your spouse reach a separation agreement that is fair and equitable.

Child custody and child support: This is the most emotional aspect of any divorce. I provide compassionate guidance through this process while helping you achieve a parenting agreement that serves the best interests of your child.

Prenuptial agreements: A prenuptial or premarital agreement operates as a type of insurance policy to ensure that your assets remain protected should your marriage ever come to an end.

Legitimation: Legitimation allows biological fathers to be recognized as legal fathers for children who are born out of wedlock.

Name changes: No matter what reason you may have for seeking a name change, I can help successfully guide you through this process.

Real estate matters: I provide legal representation for both buyers and sellers in real estate matters. From residential real estate closings, to issues concerning both North Carolina real estate and South Carolina real estate, I provide competitive pricing plans and will ensure that your interests are protected throughout the process.

Wills and trusts: I can help protect your loved ones’ futures through estate planning and ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes.

There Is a Right Way to Overcome a Challenging Legal Problem

When you come to The Law Office of Christi A. Misocky, you can be confident that my professional staff and I will work diligently to find cost-effective, efficient strategies that are aimed at solving your problems, rather than accelerating your legal matter into costly litigation. The truth is, most people are not prepared to pay the financial and emotional costs of a legal problem that consumes their lives. I opened my firm with the belief that people go to a lawyer to get out of a legal hole, not dig themselves deeper.

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If you need help with an adoption, a divorce, estate planning or a real estate matter, speak with me. Contact a Charlotte family law lawyer online or call 704-256-9231 for an initial consultation to discuss your situation.