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If you are considering filing for divorce in North Carolina or South Carolina, there are many important decisions you will be making in the next several weeks and months. The attorney you hire to represent your interests should be at the top of your priority list.

I am family law attorney Christi Misocky. From my office in Charlotte, I am licensed to practice in North Carolina and South Carolina family law courts. My professional staff and I place a strong focus on making sure every client receives the highest levels of compassionate, responsive representation. You see, I believe that divorce isn't just the end of your old marriage. It is the beginning of a new future for you and your family. That means you need to understand exactly what is at stake at every twist and turn of the settlement and final proceeding.

Looking for Common Sense Solutions

Divorcing couples often get caught up in the emotional issues that lead to costly litigation over matters that really won't be important six years, or even six months from now. I work toward finding solutions that protect your immediate interests, but always with an eye toward a final outcome that you will live with the rest of your life. Opposing attorneys know that I come to the table with a realistic expectation of a fair outcome and they understand that I will protect my client's interests. When I sit down to negotiate a property settlement, spousal support or a child custody matter, it is always with the intention of finding a resolution that will not only protect my client's interests, but will also be acceptable to the court.

If you are considering filing for divorce in North Carolina or South Carolina, get straight answers to your serious questions. Call The Law Office of Christi A. Misocky, P.C., in Charlotte.

Special Rules Apply for North Carolina Divorce

In North Carolina, a couple who wishes to end a marriage has a few options. Some couples wish to enter into a separation agreement. Other couples may wish to obtain a legal separation granted by the court through a divorce from bed and board. Some marriages may be annulled. Most commonly, when a couple wishes to terminate the marriage, an absolute divorce is the best option. To obtain an absolute divorce, a husband and wife will physically separate and live apart with the intent to remain apart for a period of one year.

Marital Property Settlements in North Carolina

North Carolina courts apply principles of equitable distribution when a couple does not come to an agreement as to the division of marital property. I will sit down with you to discuss approaches for dividing marital property and the factors that the court will consider in making a determination, if an agreement is not reached.

Spousal Support in North Carolina

In North Carolina, a "dependant spouse" may be able to obtain alimony from a "supporting spouse." I will help you to understand your rights as well as your potential obligations.

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From my offices in Charlotte, I provide legal representation for clients throughout the region and am licensed in North Carolina and South Carolina. Contact my office to arrange an initial consultation. I invite you to find out how an experienced Charlotte divorce lawyer really can make a difference in your life.