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North Carolina Adoption

Having Answers Means Being More Comfortable With the Process

In North Carolina, adopting a child requires applying through the county court in your community. Although laws are supposed to be uniform throughout the state, every government agency and court has its own specific procedures and expectations.

I am North Carolina adoption attorney Christi Misocky. I focus the majority of my practice on the area of adoptions and have experience working with agencies and court clerks throughout the state, including the major metro areas of Charlotte, Greensboro and Raleigh. I established The Law Office of Christi A. Misocky, P.C., in Charlotte to focus almost exclusively on the area of North Carolina adoption law. If you are considering adoption, make my office your first step.

I Will Give You the Answers and Comfort You Need to Move Forward

There is no more emotional area of law than adoption. My staff and I never forget that your family’s future is riding in the balance of whether your adoption will be successful or not. I know that you need more than just legal services; you need answers and comfort to move through the ups and downs of the entire process. As roadblocks and setbacks occur — as they often do — I will work vigorously to help you overcome them and give you confidence that you have a compassionate lawyer and experienced professional staff fighting on your side.

Knowing Your Local Court System Is a Big Part of a Successful Adoption

Start your North Carolina adoption process by getting straight answers about filing procedures, timelines of events and what you and your family will need to do in your local court system to successfully adopt. I know the courts throughout the region and will move your case ahead efficiently.

From my offices in Charlotte, I provide legal representation for clients throughout the region and am licensed in North Carolina and South Carolina. Contact my office to arrange an initial consultation. I invite you to find out how an experienced North Carolina adoption lawyer really can make a difference in your life.