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Adoption: Getting Started

If you are a resident of North Carolina or South Carolina and are considering adopting a child, you probably have a million questions. Most people who wish to adopt have no idea where to begin.

I am attorney Christi Misocky. The Law Office of Christi A. Misocky, P.C., in Charlotte, North Carolina, is your trusted legal resource for successful adoptions. My firm is one of the few personalized law practices in the region that places a primary focus on legal services for adopting parents. My staff and I understand that adoption isn’t just a legal case. This decision will impact everyone in your family for the rest of your lives. You will find every member of my experienced team compassionate, caring and responsive to your needs and concerns.

Complete services for adopting parents in North Carolina and South Carolina, including:

The Adoption Process Starts With the First Small Step

Whether you are seeking an infant adoption through an agency, intend to adopt a child from an extended family member, or are interested in adopting a stepchild after remarriage, we can help. We will answer all of your questions clearly, honestly and with a purpose to make sure you understand the complexity of the legal process.

Every Adoption Is Different Because Every Family and Child Is Different

Everyone has heard a horror story about denied adoptions or failed adoptions. Yes, there are reasons why some people can’t proceed. But I believe that resolving a problem begins with understanding the underlying issues and using forethought and knowledge of the process to overcome challenges. The adoption process is not a piece of legal machinery. Adoption agencies and services are made up of real people who are very concerned about the emotional impact on the child and family.

Your Adoption Is a Lifelong Journey. Let Me Guide You Through It.

What adopting parents need most is the comfort that comes with knowing that someone is on their side. My firm offers a variety of services to coordinate efforts by all parties and integrate your story into the process. I make sure everyone is on the same page and working toward the same goal. When real people see the human face behind the names and addresses on the adoption papers, the process often moves more smoothly.

From my offices in Charlotte, I provide legal advice and representation for adopting parents throughout the region and am licensed in North Carolina and South Carolina. Contact my office to arrange an initial consultation. I invite you to find out how an experienced Raleigh adoption attorney can make a difference in your life.